What began as just another weekend quickly turned into a horrifying one for this doggo and their hooman in Madison. The duo was out for a walk in their local dog park. But the curious doggo decided to make a dash when they spotted an icy pond.

The owner was visibly worried and ran after the doggo. But suddenly the thin ice cracked under the dog’s weight and the dog found itself swimming in the icy cold pond! The owner fell through the ice as well.

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The doggo was struggling hard and hoping that someone would come help. 2 people who witnessed the incident decided to rescue the doggo. But, alas! Even they fell through the thin layer of ice and found themselves in the cold water.

Finally, firefighters had to be called to the Warner Park Dog Park. When they arrived, the two men had managed to get to dry land but the dog was still struggling in the icy pond.

Engine Co. 10 was the responding unit for this mission and when they reached the location, onlookers pointed them to the drowning doggo. The crew quickly devised a plan to save the dog who was nearly 50 feet from the land.

One of the firefighters put on his vest along with a safety rope. While the rest of the crew held on to the rope on land, the other one leaped into the icy pond and went ahead to rescue the dog. A pike pole was used to hook the collar of the dog. The dog was thus pulled and brought to land.

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The owner was overjoyed to have the doggo back. Immediate medical attention was given to the doggo.

Thankfully the doggo, the 2 onlookers who tried to help, and the firefighters all were fit and fine after this terrible ordeal in the icy pond. We hope the dog quickly gets back on their feet and can enjoy the rest of the winter in the park!