Cats love climbing trees. So, firefighters are used to rescue indocile cats who always get hanged in high tree branches. But a stuck dog on tree branches? it’s rare and new!

But it’s extremely rare to see the same situation with a dog! At Lathrop Manteca Fire District in Lathrop, California, firefighters were shocked when they had to rescue a german shepherd dog after getting stuck. He was chasing a cat so he got stuck in the high tree branches.

Stuck Dog

Firefighters wrote on Facebook “You may have heard that our firefighters get cats out of trees, but what about dogs?!?! Right after Truck 30 and Engine 35 dropped off Santa that was exactly their next call.”

Thankfully, firefighters managed to put a ladder next to the tree to pull the dog safely. He was fine, but firefighters provided him with water and oxygen just in case.

stuck dog


Hence, the dog astonishingly survived without any harm. Firefighters and rescuers hope he can learn a lesson and never climb a tree again. “Glad to hear that all turned out well for this pooch,” firefighters wrote. “We are all pretty sure he’ll think twice about chasing cats up the next tree.”

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