One of the global issues in the world now is food waste. People dump leftovers all of them even the good. There has been a waste of edible food of 2.1 billion tonnes every year. As a result, this food waste leads to serious issues, bigger than expected. If this issue is not managed wee, it may lead to bigger problems. For instance, massive food poisoning and even pollution.
Hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets are the biggest sources of this issue, as they are producing massive amounts of food every day. When the food is not finished on the same day it’s made, they throw it away.
food waste

To solve the problem, many organizations have made efforts to decrease food wastage by just making one small change at a time. Chef J Gourmet got inspired by these initiatives. So, he decided to use the food waste in such a positive way. Gourment is a head chef in a 5-star-hotel is Abu-Dhabi, Fairmont.

He initiated the program ‘Doggy Bag’ that aims to collect leftovers every day to feed stray dogs. 

food waste

With such great help from his team of chefs and workers, they collected edible food. For example, meat, bread, and vegetables. Nevertheless, they turned these leftovers into dog food by mincing them up in the grinder.

However, they managed to do this process very carefully. They were very selective, only appropriate foods for dog’s consumption is added. So, they didn’t add any cheese, desserts, sauces or spicy food to avoid hurting the dogs.

The well-selected foods are then transported to an animal shelter that keeps strays safe ‘Could 9 Pet Hotel and Care’

Chef J Gourment posts pictures on Facebook every day. The pictures show how shelter animals are in love with their new food!

Gourment hopes that more hotels and restaurants are motivated to participate in his program. As he thinks that giving their leftovers to stray dogs is way better than throwing it away.

As a result, Hotel Al Wahda Grand Millenium and Hotel Crown Plaza have started to manage their leftover foods the same way. Therefore, we wish that more and more will do this significant contribution to solving food waste all over the world.

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