Our soul never really awakens unless we love an animal. And losing a pet is in many ways more painful than losing a human because many of us prefer the love of our furry friends over humans.

It was two years ago that Debi Petranck lost her dog, Zeus. He ran away one day suddenly. And all that a heartbroken Debi could do was run an advertisement every day in the paper under lost dogs. But the search was getting increasingly futile and hopeless. But she clung onto the hope that maybe they would somehow be reunited.

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lost dog

Well, hope has a way of getting things done and it gets back to you when you have almost given up on it. The adventures of Zeus took him to a man who sheltered him. But then he moved to Detroit from Florida, a whole 1,000 miles away from where Zeus and Debi lived. Zeus again ran away and finally found shelter at Friends for the Dearborn animal shelter.

Zeus luckily had a microchip and the shelter could obtain information about Debi. They immediately contacted her and gave her the information she had been waiting for every day for the past 2 years. Debi couldn’t believe her incredible luck when she received the call after she had lost her dog for so long. 2 years is a long time to cling onto hope and even she had resigned herself to the realization that Zeus was gone forever.

lost her dog found again

Debi drove down 1,000 miles to Dearborn in Michigan to rejoin her long-lost furry friend. It was expectedly an emotional reunion. Zeus rushed into her arms. It was apparent that Zeus still remembered Debi two years later. He recognized her immediately from a distance and rushed into her arms. It seemed like a minor break in their relationship. Now they could pick up their lives right from where they left it.

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But all this was possible because of that small implant inside Zeus. The importance of the microchip can never be overstated. It is a life-saving technology that reunited these two after Debi lost her dog. They say that all a person needs to be truly happy is someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. Debi is lucky to have all the three things in her life.