Jason Garrett is doing what most dog parents could never do. He is paying his whole retirement money funds so as to pay for his pup’s life-saving surgery.

Garrett’s 12-year-old little Schnauzer, Lola, was given 8 months to live in the wake of being determined to have mitral valve infection. However, the sickness is normal in dogs and influences their lungs and heart.

“We had an episode in November where she came back from a walk and she fainted … She has an enlarged heart because she has a damaged mitral valve,” Garrett told KGO-TV.

After the sad report, Garrett caught wind of an open-heart system that a Japanese specialist Masami Uechi had done. After doing research, he discovered that solitary a couple of specialists on the planet realize how to do the strategies required. Also, it’s costly!

Life-Saving Surgery
Photo: GoFundMe

“The downside is it’s about $45,000,” he told KGO-TV. “I’ve already cashed out my 401K and using every penny of my savings. And I’m also looking into selling my car if need be.”

Lola will have life-saving surgery done this summer while Uechi is at the University of Florida.

Garrett clarified on his GoFundMe page that he battles with extreme misery and bipolar issue and that his canine encourages him to “survive and thrive.”

“As you can imagine I would do absolutely anything to save her.”

Video Source: LetsSaveLola

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