Nelly Jacobs grew up in Holland riding horses since her childhood. She always loved it and even won multiple prizes for her horseback riding skills. She never thought of departing from her favorite animals or stopping horseback riding.

But life had other plans. At the age of 51, Nelly developed Parkinson’s disease. And soon the tremors worsened terribly. This brought an unexpected stop to her past time. Parkinson’s eventually bound Nelly to her wheelchair only.

Nelly touching horse's noseCredit: New York Post

While she struggled with her daily activities, she did not let love for horses or riding diminish. She missed her glorious riding days and always wished for one last chance to go horseback riding.

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The Hidden Desires Project helps people fulfill their, well as the name suggests, hidden desires. When they learned about Nelly’s long-standing wish to go horseback riding, they decided to come up and help. It became their purpose to make Nelly’s dream come true.

They planned on building a bed fitted on the backs of two sturdy horses. Nelly was to lie down on the bed, free of her wheelchair. And finally, experience the feeling of horseback riding after almost 40 years.

horseback riding at 87

At the age of 87, Nelly’s wish finally came true with the Hidden Desires Project. Once the whole set-up was ready, they brought Nelly to meet the two horses who would carry Nelly. The volunteers helped Nelly touch and feel the velvety noses of the horses. They also helped Nelly feed them treats.

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Nelly was then carefully lifted into a sling from her wheelchair and then put on the bed on the horses’ backs. The horses then slowly started moving and Nelly joy is clearly visible! Her memories must have come flooding back, memories of the times she enjoyed her time in the saddles.

The authentic experience of horseback riding was once again experienced by Nelly, only this time she was lying down. Every volunteer who put in selfless efforts to help Nelly’s dream come true where genuinely happy and satisfied when they witnessed Nelly’s joy and excitement.

Kudos to the Hidden Desires Project!