A small dog gave shoppers at a store in Catanduva, Sao Paulo, Brazil an unexpected surprise when they exited the store. Like a seasoned store greeter, the dog greeted each of them as they exited the store, not with a “hello” but with a wave goodbye instead.

In the video, the dog can be seen lifting her paw into the air and looking at each passerby before waving to them. A few shoppers take notice and give her a small pet while she waits for her guardian inside the store.

The videographer, Leticia Americo, who caught the dog in action wrote: “I filmed a little dog waving goodbye to everybody exiting the supermarket.”

One person who commented on the video on YouTube provided some background on the dog, who is named Agusta.

Apparently, Agusta was a stray and barely alive when she was rescued off the streets. She was terrified and couldn’t walk and spent some time in an animal hospital before the rescue group who saved her put her up for adoption. Her adopter, Jefferson Alexandre Rodrigues, spotted Agusta on social media back in 2019. She joined his family which includes eight cats and a few other dogs. Agusta spends most of her time with Rodrigues at his custom motorcycle shop.

Rodrigues told G1 News: “When she came to my workshop she was still intimidated by people, but over time, she built up confidence and became what we see in the videos. She is the main employee of the workshop since 2019.”

Agusta and Rodrigues often go shopping at this particular grocery store and everyone in the neighborhood knows her. She has learned that greeting people with her paw results in getting attention and/or yummy treats!