It happened to you for sure, to catch up with your significant one after a long day. Sometimes you’re so tired that you can barely open your eyes. So, this actually happened with Sam Stine and his girlfriend Brooklyn Bilski who had a late-night FaceTime video call. Then, Brooklyn just fell asleep. But her little dog continued the facetime call! Meet Leo, Brooklyn cute baby chihuahua.Facetime

Sam stated: “She had fallen asleep with her phone up against her pillow. I watched Leo walk over to the phone and stare directly into my eyes.” Just when Brooklyn slept, Leo took over the FaceTime call and he had “a deep meaningful conversation” and they “learned a lot about each other.”

Sam was so happy by Leo’s FaceTime adventure that he posted a picture of the four-year-old pup on Twitter, and it spread so fast there.


It seems like there are a lot of pet parents who had such experiences as they were all relating and laughing with the tweet sam shared. Pets love their parents a lot, they are very cute and just want to imitate us in everything.

Sam said that he and Brooklyn are very happy about the love Leo has gotten. And like the fact that he’s having a web meme moment. “I’m really surprised by the amount of attention the post got,” Sam said. “Really glad people appreciate Leo as much as we do.”


I think Sam has to ask Leo about what does he feels towards the love and attention of his lovely fans!

How adorable is this little baby? We wish all FaceTime calls are this cute and lovely. That is can make people smile just like Leo did!


Leo must have been understanding everything Sam said in the call! To read more about that topic: Scientists Confirm That Dogs Do Understand Human Speech