A 10-month-old Maverick, a German Shepherd Fell into Icy Water near Drauden Road and Catherine Drive leading to the presence and help of the firefighters. A person saw Maverick before the arrival of the firefighters and used a kayaker to reach him but couldn’t.

 German Shepherd Fell into Icy Water

Then, one of the firefighters named Bill Casone wore a Gumby suit and went into the water to rescue Maverick. The firefighter reached Maverick and held him, but unfortunately, they both couldn’t get out of water.

Happily, with the help of Lt. Brian Stevens and Dennis House, the firefighter/ paramedic, they accomplished the duty of pulling them out of the water.

Rescuers Cooperate to Save A German Shepherd Who Fell into Icy Water in Plainfield Pond |After successfully coming out of the icy freezing water, Maverick was quickly heated up to avoid the chance of having hypothermia. Sadly the dog had a wound in his paw. However, Maverick’s parents rushed to the vet to make sure he is doing well.

You may be asking, how did they identify Maverick’s parents? They were simply known because he was wearing a tag that had their phone number on it.

After the recovery of the German Shepherd, he went to the fire station. So, he could meet the firefighters and paramedics who saved his life.