The policeman Kevin Chabot has a German shepherd police dog named Jaggier who has worked for 7 years. Jaggier was famous for his chase skills, interest towards work, hardworking personality, and kindness when being around people in the community.

Chabot said that he really connects to people. Jaggier joined the department in 2014, since then, he has been circulated for 191 times. This is really amazing; he tracked runaways, caught a streaked Ogunquit police that helped in finding them, he even saved his captain.

German Shepherd Police Dog

You might be asking, how did jaggier the German Shepherd Police Dog first work in the department?

A Canadian Kennel had brought him to the police department when he was only 10 months old. Jaggier was really young but he always enjoyed working and tracking suspects. His love for work made him win first place at the regional police dog trials four times.

German Shepherd Police Dog

Kevin noticed something was wrong with Jaggierís walk on the day of receiving his certification but he suspected it was only his weight. They later discovered that Jaggier, unfortunately, had a cancerous mass in his shoulder in November. The injuries were too severe that the doctor had to amputate his right front leg and shoulder.

They decided that it will be better for Jaggier to no longer work as a German Shepherd Police Dog. But instead, he will spend the rest of his lifetime resting at home with Kevin, his family, and pets. Chabot said that Jaggier has a very little chance to make it to a year because they believe itís an aggressive soft-tissue sarcoma. But even with everything going on Jaggier didnít stop adjusting to simply use only three legs. He has a really strong soul and enjoys life.

german shepherd police dog

The police department and the community wanted to celebrate Jaggierís pension even when cancer has stopped him from working. The police department has admired Jaggier by printing his name close to the cruiser before the celebration. The town manager Jonathan Carter also offered him a plaque for his admiring 7 years of service.

People were taking photos with Jaggier as a celebration. Kevinís daughter was so happy saying ìThatís my dog, thatís my Jaggier.î It was a very special ceremony for an amazing dog. Now he can officially enjoy his life, play games, eat treats, and do many other fun things.