Gifts wrapping techniques for noobs

written by: nikhilarela
Christmas, thanksgiving and all other festivals make sure that gifts and presents keep circulating round the year. For those of us who derive pleasure out of the sparkling wrappings and unwrappings, it’s a great time to be. For some of us, probably weaker in this art, it gets a bit embarrassing when trying to wrap up gifts for others.

But no longer, this video by DaveHax will teach you the strangest and the most genius of tricks of wrapping gifts. And what’s more, it’s pretty simple to execute – perfect for the non-artistics like you and me.

For the first lesson, the person wraps up a toy car in a kitchen paper. He takes a roll about twice the size of the car and flattens it to make an oval-like shape with corners. He then proceeds to twist the ends in order to make a closed flap at one of the ends. Put the toy in, twist the other end as well, and ta-da! Your gift is now wrapped. Additionally, you can wrap it in paper or just tie a ribbon around it and stick a bow, and you will have a nice wrapping! It goes as far as your imagination can!

Next object? Let’s come to a paper cup and make a gift box out of that! First cut the lip of it, if any with a scissor and then proceed to cut slices near the mouth of the cup. Now put up colorful tissue paper at the base of the cup and keep your gift. For demonstration, small pieces of chocolates were kept. Cover the cup with the slices and stick them up with a tape. As the case earlier, attach ribbon, bows and whatever you feel like, and your special gift box is ready. Looks sophisticated and work of an art genius, but we know what it takes!

What about larger objects? We also have a nice envelope making tips for soft toys and other larger things. Cut any gift paper large enough for your object to fit inside it when it’s enclosed. Proceed to fold the paper on its length in order to make a large envelope. Stick the fold with a tape and now make a slight fold near the bottom of the paper. This will give the breadth to your envelope so think about your gift size before doing that. Open up the fold and make a diamond shape which will be given to the base of the cylinder. Stick these with tapes and your envelope is ready. Slide in your gift, fold, and that’s how you roll!

There’s also a very easier way to wrap up large items in the form of a large candy. Put the item in the middle of a large tissue paper and bring all ends above it. Tie the neck with a ribbon and you’re ready to gift it. Quite genius, eh?

So that’s it for now. These tips of wrapping your gifts take minimal effort and look great. Do share on!

Video Source : DaveHax