A homeless shelter in Glasgow declared that it’s possible for them to take their dogs with them. After they got advice from housing providers.

homeless shelter

A homeless shelter in Glasgow has declared that it’s possible for dogs to stay with their human friends after they got advice from housing providers.

The Glasgow City Mission provides basic needs such as food, beds, and treats for pups since 24 January.

In November, Simon Community Scotland released directions with Dogs Trust regarding this issue. They claimed that dogs can give relief to people who suffer from trauma.

However, dogs Trust predicted that only 10% of shelters were pet-friendly at the time.

The bill includes many pieces of advice. For instance, how to build pet-friendly rooms in a homeless shelter. And make risk assessments to make sure there are no problems with staff members being allergic to, or scared of dogs.

So, The Animal Welfare Charity provided the Glasgow City Mission with tools and equipment to be able to invite pets.

The Winter Night Shelter’s location is at the Lodging House Mission in East Campbell Street.

So, members of Glasgow City Mission stated they “realized the importance of dogs” to people and they had to be sure dog parents got a comfortable sleep.

They resumed: “We thank our friends at the Dogs Trust for their generosity in supplying all the necessary materials and accessories to allow us to launch this scheme.

“We have food, treats, bedding and toys ready and waiting.”

Source: Today News US