All people aim to get in shape, but most of them lack motivation. So, this adorable golden retriever joined a fitness class and it was a motivation for all dog lovers to join the gym!

Riptide is a very friendly boy, he joined a fitness class where the room was full of people. When it was the time for the bicycle exercise, everyone hit the floor also, Riptide!

Riptide was being a typical Golden Retriever trying to be the center of attention. So, he decided to stand in the middle of the room.

The athletic puppy laid on his back with his four paws in the air. Then, he began to exercise the bicycle. His loo was flawless! And he continued to play so easily.

fitness class

While his fluffy tail was wagging on the floor as the trainer held his laughter. Fortunately, someone recorded an amazing moment to share with everyone. The video was shared on the Humor And Animals Twitter page and immediately went viral with almost 800k views.

However, this was not the first time Riptide joined a workout. Another video showed him partaking in bicycle crunches at an outdoor fitness class. Practice makes perfect…

Many people claimed they would join a gym if it works out with a dog. Riptide is an energetic dog with a great personality that people cannot get enough of. You can follow him on all his adventures on his Instagram page. In the words of Riptide, “It’s a ruff life, stay golden.”