We adore our furbabies and each day they give us more reasons to love them so! Be it a game of fetch or their silly antics inside the house, our dogs never fail to keep us entertained! Do you think they have any special course at the Doggo Headquarters to learn such goofiness? Here are 20 goofy images of our four-pawed canines sound asleep! These sleepy dogs just don’t care about their surroundings. They are too tired from that last game of fetch! Some of them might have been chasing the poor cat around while others might still have just fallen asleep while watching the TV with dad.

1. Too large for one pot? No worries, I’ve got two!

2. Long journey! Mom won’t even pass the chips!

3. You want to work? Sure you can! Or so you think, hah!

sleepy dogs

4.Y u no allow me on bed dad? I’m a sleepy doggo!

5.Ah! Good old sunshine! Let me just soak up a bit…

6.  Come here cat! Ah darn it! Let me just take a quick nap!

7. Yes I’m bendy. No I won’t take part in the Olympics. 

sleepy dogs

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8. It’s my bed! I sleep how I want!

9. Chasing squirrels is fun but man do I get tired! Let me just lie down for a bit…

10. Yeah…mom… I’m comin…z..z..z..

sleepy dogs

11. First you sleep in the sleeper, then you chew the slipper. #mondaymotivation

12. Whoopsie! Did me a bamboozle. But no worries, this is just as comfy!

13. But if I DON’T sleep exactly like this, they will eat allllll my food, mom!

sleepy dogs

14. You won’t allow me on your bed but there are no rules for baskets, hooman!

15. Pilates? Oh yeah! Getting snoozed… I mean ripped!

16. Warming up before I hit the gym!

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17. If not the gym, we can surely go for a jog. Unless…

sleepy dogs

18. Yes I love him. I also love my snoozes!

19. Hooman let me sleep in peace! No sense of privacy in this house, ugh!

20. Here, come lil hooman. Have a snooze with this sleepy doggo!

sleepy dogsGot any such funny poses of your sleepy dogs? Don’t be selfish! Share it with the world!