At times, living a dog’s life isn’t all that bad. This dog in South America has proved just that in this video. In the video, a dog is seen getting his paws polished in Chile in South America. He was caught on video insisting to get his paws attended to by a shoeshine.

A bystander films the whole sequence as the dog stares gravely at the shoeshine and insists on being served. Dressed in white for a special occasion, the dog perhaps decided to get a paw-shine to go with the dress.

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On the dog’s insistence, the shoeshine takes out his cloth and gives the dog a shine on one paw. As the shoeshine finishes with one paw, the dog puts forward the other paw insisting on a premier treatment. Finally, he puts both the legs on the stand to get his paws polished.

The actions of the dog drew a laugh from the Chilean shoeshine who indulges the dog. And the way the video is going viral, it seems to sit well with the internet audience too.

All the while this special customer continues to stare calmly at the shoeshine making sure of getting the best service possible. We do not know for which occasion the dog was dressing up. Maybe he was going to meet someone special. The serious manner in which the dog continues to look at the shoeshine only makes the video more endearing.

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The dog must have watched people getting their shoes shined for special occasions. That’s why he decided to get his paws polished as well. They had to be shiny to go with the white dress.

Let’s hope that the special date went well for the dog.

Credit: Latest News/YouTube