Metin Can Şener was on his way home in the wee hours of a Saturday when he saw a familiar figure approaching him, wagging his tail. Şener is intimate with the dog and sees him during the daytime hanging around the local coffeehouse. But this was the first time that he had met him during these early hours. What followed was the spontaneous and delightful video of this charming man dancing with a stray dog.

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dancing with a stray dog

Şener meets him during the daytime every day by the cafe. But on that particular morning by the lonely roadside, the two got acquainted. It was like two friends meeting in a distant land. The two reacted spontaneously in the sweetest possible way and Şener started to dance.

They are no longer two strangers on a lonely road. He already has four dogs and taking him in would not be possible. But the stray dog appears happy and well-fed. It appears that the people around take good care of him. He seems to bring out the best in people. It is evident from this early morning video as it shows that Şener is captivated enough to start dancing with a stray dog.

Şener was not aware of the camera watching over him and taking a video of his spontaneous performance. The cafe owner has perhaps given him a copy of the footage after reviewing it the next morning.

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Şener is surprised but amused that the video of him dancing with a stray dog was captured from the cafe’s camera. The post went viral after Şener posted it online. He says that he loves dancing with dogs and loves animals more than humans.

He is even more delighted that the video of him dancing with a stray dog has gone viral over the internet.

Credit: Twitter/bendemistims