When his owner asks him to change his face, all his behavior changes.
A rottweiler dog named Reese, is a cute and handsome Rottweiler dog . In this video he is showing some acting skills.

Reese start to show his normal cute look , and when his owner asks him to show his smile  at the camera.
Then, his owner tells him to “show his mean face”, and that’s when the magic happens. Reese the rottweiler dog twists her upper lip, shows her teeth, and even adds a low rumbling growl for an additional effect. It looks really threatening!

Clearly, Reese the rottweiler dog has what it takes to be both a friendly and mean angry dog at the same time. When he is with the family, he is the same as always, friendly and smiling. But if someone tries to mess with the people they love, Reese proves that he is ready to handle the situation.

Rottweiler Shows Its Mean Face Angry Rottweiler

Rottweiler Shows Its Mean Face Angry Rottweiler

Posted by Dogs on Sunday, October 7, 2018

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