Our pets become our lives, and it is very natural that we don’t want to let go of them. But sometimes, life plays its cruel game and snatches our loved ones from us. And this exact emotion that we feel has been captured in a beautiful yet heartbreaking series of pictures taken by Ross Taylor. After noticing how the loss of his friend’s pet impacted the friend, he decided to document the emotions an owner goes through.

They are definitely going to make you reach for the tissues, so why not cuddle up against your pet too! The series is called ‘Last Moments’ and every single picture has been taken in Tampa Bay over the course of a year. This heartbreaking series of pictures is definitely going to make you appreciate your pet more.

heartbreaking series of pictures

Olesya Lykovi realizes that her dog Sam is no more. She had asked the vet, right before this picture was taken.

Kiara Manrique tried everything to save her dog, but ultimately it wasn’t enough.

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heartbreaking series of pictures

Marquita Leibe was deep in thought as she bent down to cuddle her dog, Daisy for the last time. All this while, her husband Donald had to leave the room so that he could compose himself up a little bit.

When Asia was about to be buried, her brother Kai realized that things weren’t what they seemed. So he kept running behind them as they took her to the backyard. They buried Asia with several sunflowers.

heartbreaking series of pictures

The last moment before Spencer left Earth, his owner Leigh Zahn couldn’t do much but weep.

When Drew was on deployment, Coco stood by Rebecca Cassity every single day. And now, they had to bid adieu to her.

Heidi didn’t know why Bob and Cindy were cuddling her so frantically. Nor did their other dog Winnie. Moments later, Heidi was euthanized.

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Wendy Lehr thanked ‘Lap of Love’ for being such a respectful participant to the whole somber event. As she sat beside her dog Mimosa, who was about to be euthanized, she couldn’t help but remember the moments they had shared together.

heartbreaking series of pictures

We know how tough it is to lose a loved one– one that meant the world to us. But if this heartbreaking series of pictures has missed out on something, it is that pictures are a poor substitute for the raw emotions that come out. More strength to all paw parents!

Credits: Ross Taylor