A heart-rending scene unfolded when people noticed a stranded dog on a bus all alone. This happened in West Yorkshire when a Staffie-cross dog boarded a bus and remained seated there till the bus staff had to take her out at the last station.

Gemma Burton was on the same bus when the doggo hopped on at Bierley. What is strange is that she was all alone though she was a pet dog. Clearly, her owners had no great affection for her since they left her like this.

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What’s more, they didn’t even bother trying to search for her within the next 48 hours after knowing that a member of their family is missing. It is shocking to see how such heartless people can ever think of having a pet only to make them go through traumatizing situations.

The dog boarded a bus but later did try to get out at a stop. But the road was heavy with traffic. The kind passengers didn’t let her get out of the fear that she might get hurt. Maybe the poor pet wanted to go back to her master, but her master didn’t care enough and let the stranded dog remain stranded.

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This dog boarded a bus and got off at the last station. She was taken to a kennel and has to stay there for at least 7 days. If the owner doesn’t come forward by that time, the dog will be put up for adoption.

Let’s hope the dog finds a loving family soon because every dog deserves to have a loving family and home.

You can reach out to the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue at 07784184572, or [email protected]

Image Credit: Gemma Burton