When we see a cute doggo, we can’t help but think of having one with us as well. Who wouldn’t want to have such furballs of joy at home! But a few wicked ones among us tend to go to extremes to procure an animal. When one man managed to steal a dog, he ruthlessly cropped his ears to keep the dog unidentifiable.

Martin Carter is one such heinous person who stole a dog from Birmingham Dogs Home. In order to cover his crimes, Carter first removed the microchip surgically from Marley – an XL Bully breed. He did this to make identifying the dog impossible. Next, this heartless man went on to do something even worse. Carter ruthlessly cropped his ears- a prohibited procedure for dogs like Marley.

Carter is from Mercers Meadow, Coventry. West Mercia Police handled this case of the man and the dog and how Carter ruthlessly cropped the dog’s ears. Leamington Magistrates Court banned Carter from keeping any dogs for his whole life after this horrible incident.


Carter was in jail for the last 6 months. His charges were of stealing the dog and having ruthlessly cropped his ears.

The dog was rescued by the Mercia Police and handed over to his previous home: the Birmingham Dogs Home. He has since received a new microchip, has been properly taken care of, and already found a new and loving home!

We can only hope this dog does not have to face any further abuse. Losing one’s ears is painful as it is while also being taken away forcefully from one’s home. We hope Marley’s new family takes better care of him and helps him get over his trauma.

Maybe Marley will never forget the man who had ruthlessly cropped his ears. But, lots of love and boops from his new family will surely restore most of his faith in humanity.