Shoppers found two abandoned dogs in a parking lot of a Walmart store in Delavan. The dogs were rescued in a sorry state and the rescuers fear that it will take long for them to recover.

The condition of the two Dachshunds mixes, both male left the rescuers horrified. Veterinarians at the shelter say that the two dogs are so thin and starved that they might not live for more than 4 to 5 days. Lakeland Animal Shelter vets say that they suspect that the ordeal might have damaged their inner organs. They were unsure about their recovery.

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Executive director Kristen Perry, at the shelter, said that they came in severely undernourished and scrawny. Such severe levels of starvation can damage vital organs they said.

Customers who saw the two skin-and-bones pair of abandoned dogs near the parking lot on Thanksgiving Day called up the police.

Officers rescued the two. The vets say that it will be a hard road to recovery if they survive. It may be months even before they return to any semblance of good health. The danger of permanent damage to their health always remains even if they pull through.

UPDATE!!!Thanks to everyone who shared this information, the owner of the dogs was located. The owner will be charged…

Posted by City of Delavan Police Department on Thursday, November 28, 2019

Police posted the news and pictures on Facebook and managed to find the person responsible. Police detained him and he now faces charges of mistreating animals and abandonment. He will definitely not get them back if the two dogs recover. The news is a welcome relief for the rescuers and the shoppers at the store. A shopkeeper at the Delavan Walmart , Charles Schumacher said that people who dumped abandoned dogs should not even own them.

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The bond between an animal and their owners is extremely strong. But the owners of abandoned dogs do not realize the agony they go through. The dogs find it extremely difficult to form emotional bonds again after being forsaken. Dogs who end up in shelters want to love again. Hopefully, the pair of dogs abandoned in parking lot near the Delavan Walmart will recover fully and find a forever home soon.