Heartless Pet Owner

An annoying video is becoming a web famous showing a horrible instance of dog abuse. The video shows an occurrence occurring along Kievskoye Highway in a significant city in Russia. The video shows a heartless pet owner dragging an eight-year-old Central Asian Sheepdog from the vehicle along the street.

The heartless owner appended the dog’s rope to the vehicle and tortured the dog by hanging it. Until the dog crumbled, surrendering the battle.

When people saw the scene in which the Russian pet owner treated the good boy, they released in rage over the web.

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The video went viral when a famous artist in Russia named Olga Orlova shared the video on her Instagram page. She planned to carry the specialists’ regard for the occurrence and put a focus on them to get the animal abuser.

 heartless pet owner

The singer has more than 1.6M followers on her Social Media page. So, the video found a good number of people and caused them to notice the brutal incident.

The video shows exactly how barbarous the heartless pet owner was. The Central Asian Sheepdog is chained to the vehicle, being hauled behind it along Kievskoye Highway in Moscow.

Heartless Pet Owner

Then, the dog got extremely tired, it almost fell under the wheels of the car.

Luckily, reports show that the Russian police took the dog from the abusive owners.

They had no other option because the Russian people asked for justice for the tortured dog. The Russians will charge the owner with a crime that has yet to be determined.

Heartless Pet Owner

The video is so barbaric that we chose not to share it. Regarding people’s feelings.