A hero dog almost lost all of her legs found in a trash can and was too near to death, Chi Chi’s destiny was going to keep going though!

A unique Golden Retriever was about to keep on to get over her serious injuries, she became a therapy dog and got the name of the American Hero Dog in 2018.

Hero Dog

However, firstly, you have to know Chi Chi’s story. It was a terrible beginning for the lovely baby. In 2016, Chi Chi was abandoned for dead in a trash can in South Korea. She was discovered in a bag and her legs were tied up with wire. The wire ate away into her skin.

Media & Education Animal Rescue got information of a possible meat farm, where Chi Chi was discovered, although Nabiya Irion Hope Project, an animal welfare group based in South Korea. It was real fortune that they found the terrified and hurt pup at all.

Hero Dog

After she was heald at the vet, Chi-Chi had to have all four legs just above the paw amputated.

However, after she survived her surgery, Chi-Chi needed a lot of recovery time. She also got four prosthetic limbs designed and customized only for her, so she can be able to walk again. ARME posted a video of the survived dog, which is how Elizabeth Howell in Arizona informed about Chi-Chi. She realized instantly that she needed to take the hero dog to her house.

After a few weeks, Chi-Chi came to Arizona to get her prostheses. This was a challenge because her legs were amputated heights that are not all the same.

After some time of trying, Chi-Chi’s prosthetic legs had her up to move faster than anyone ever expected.

hero dog

When she recovered totally, Chi-Chi started working as a therapy dog. She usually visits those who are amputees and need help.

Hero Dog

Chi-Chi was very special and she did a great job, she made a huge difference in many people’s lives. She was an idol of strength, care, and love. Unfortunately, in 2018, the brave, sweet dog had a tumor in the nasal cavity. She died in February 2019.

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