A fatal kind of cobra known as the monocled is one of the most poisonous ones on the planet. At some point, the family’s heroic dog named Nong Horm saw the cobra close to their front yard so she instinctually battled the cobra to protect her family.

Then, Nong Horm was at her last phase of pregnancy with 10 pups in her stomach.

heroic dog killed a cobraWhen one of her relatives, Suriyon Chanthakhet, heard her dog battling with something close to the front yard, she went outside to spare her dog.

So, what happened to Nong Horm?

Sadly, the cobra bit her around her mouth which caused her to get poisoned all over her body.

“Our beautiful dog was killed while protecting us from the cobra. My heart is breaking. Thinking about the pain she must have experienced makes me cry.” Suriyon said

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“Why did this tragic accident happen to you? I am so sorry that you died while you were pregnant.” Suriyon continued

He feels guilty for not being able to rescue their beloved dog and her puppies.

But, their heroic dog managed to kill a cobra. The family buried Nong Horm in their back garden and took the cobra outside the house.

The family members grieve the loss of their precious dog but they will not forget her loyalty ever. She lost her life for them to live.