Australia is going through an extremely tough time as bush fires have been raging for the last few weeks. The smoke from the fire is choking even the Sydney skyline. Local governments are urging people to move as far away as possible from the city.

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Nearly 2.5 million forest acres have already burned done and most animals present could not escape death. But even in such trying conditions, heroic dogs are saving koalas from the burning forests. These sniffing dogs are roaming in the New South Wales forests looking for the koalas who may have miraculously survived the raging flames. Koalas are the worst-affected of these wildfires and thousands are either injured or dead. These ‘vulnerable‘ marsupials are already declining in number because of climate change and human encroachment and the fires are making the situation worse.

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Posted by ifaw on Monday, November 18, 2019

Many heroic dogs are saving koalas including Bear. He is a Border Collie-Koolie mix who was specifically trained to sniff out the koalas who might be in need of help in the Australian outback. While Bear is from the IFAW, UK, Taylor, a Springer Spaniel from TATE Animal Training is doing the same job. There are many more deployed to sniff the safest sign of the koalas that are alive- fresh poo.

It is a common practice among conservationists to use such sniffing dogs to map wildlife and find threatened animals. Now these dogs trying to save koalas are patrolling burned down areas to look for injured koalas who have managed to survive the fires. Bear has not been too successful in finding koalas in the Ngunya Jargoon Indigenous Protected Area. But he has found signs of a few who are alive. Taylor has managed to find 8 koalas in Port Macquarie.

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Not just dogs, kind humans are also doing the best to save koalas and other wildlife from the fires. While firefighters are working tirelessly to control the damage, recently a video came forward of a woman rescuing a koala with the shirt she was wearing!

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The fire alert is still severe for the coming days and we truly hope everyone affected by the fires manages to heal soon. The dogs saving the koalas are true heroes of the hour.

Featured image: Fiona Clark Photography