Traveling becomes more fun when your furry friend is your companion. Dogs are loyal and admirable travel mates. They are very cute and they don’t complain. Here are a few of our favorite traveling dog pictures that were shared on Instagram. These adventures may be an inspiration for some people one day.


Loki pauses for a moment after taking in the surrounding beauty at St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Loki is a husky, wolf, and malamute mix that goes on mountain adventures with his owner, Kelly Lund. Often, Lund’s significant other and her dog will join them, altogether making for a fearsome foursome of a travel group.


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Wild places are not always wooded.

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Aspen doesn’t even look mildly worried to find himself in a canoe on a mountain lake. This golden retriever, who lives in Colorado and is used to roaming those Rockies, has become an old hand at all this adventuring. Aspen lives with Hunter and Sarah Lawrence, his humans and adventure partners, who also happen to be photographers.


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Next time can I paddle? 🛶 . Photo: @hunter_lawrence

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Humans aren’t the only ones who like to have a little fun at the beach. The dynamic doggy duo of Django and Chloe are enjoying their day in the sand, surf, and sun. A dachshund and Parson Russell terrier, respectively, the two pups are best buddies. They have much to look forward to at the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they live.


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Beach days 🌊☀

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Bentley doesn’t just like to travel; he likes to travel in style. This little guy, an English bulldog, likes to view the world from his human’s helicopter. Brad Friesen, Bentley’s human and helicopter pilot, hales from Canada.


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Ladies… want a ride in the whip?!? 📸 @shark_toof

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Another doggy duo, Max and Louise are two pros at traveling Europe. Here, they’re chilling at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. These two Parson Russell terriers were born in France, but now live in Brazil and are São Paulo citizens. They go all over the place, from outdoor hotspots like beaches to perusing inside beautiful castles.


Although these two dogs vary in size, they have an equal thirst for adventure. Hiking a canyon is just another day in the life of these two rescue pups, who are furry family members to adventure girl, Katie. The group goes on all sorts of adventures together throughout their home state of Arizona.


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Happy Monday friends!! Let’s make this a great week, with an even better weekend, to top it off 💚🐾💙🐾 #mydogismy motivation

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This Alaskan malamute and golden retriever mix is excellent at camping. He’s certainly got the napping part down. Jasper was rescued from a Washington shelter by Whitney Whitehouse. Now the two live in Bend, Oregon, and like to explore the beauty of nature.


There’s nothing like seeing the Alaskan fall foliage with your three best friends, and they all happen to fit perfectly in the back! These three musketeers are Rivers, a golden retriever and the oldest of the bunch; Henry, another golden retriever; and Bjorn, who’s a Russian-Samoyed mix. They live in Fairbanks, Alaska, with their owner Tim Mathews. These pups appear to enjoy nothing more than exploring the outdoors and taking funny pictures together.


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Fall is lit here🔥 #alaska #autumn

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These two pups really get into traveling — they certainly look ready for some underwater exploring in their vests and doggy goggles. Kona, a blue heeler, and Cali, a red heeler, are sisters in adventure with their human, Alicia. This group likes to explore the trio’s homeland of British Columbia, Canada, and also take part in tricks and activities that include chasing balls, jumping rope, and even skateboarding.


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Another fun-filled day. Dog Goggles from @rexspecsk9 – go check them out! Check out our YouTube channel for videos of the specs in action!

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