Homeless And Hated His Transformation Will Shock You

Benji written by: daVinci555
We all probably know how many creatures on this planet are homeless. To make it sound worse, number of homeless is growing. But that is not just people, there are animals like dogs, cats, etc. This is a story about a dog who has lost his home so as love and care from people and his life turnover.

His name is Benji. Homeless, alone and scared of people, Benji has cried for help hiding under the cars. According to that, some dogs care group has found Benji and decided to change his whole life. One day when they saw him under the car he has started to run, but they have caught him with some rope. That was hurtful scene. Desperately cutting the rope with last “atoms of strength” in order to release yourself, Benji hasn’t assumed what is going next. His anger and will was directed in way to escape. They caught him after long fight and one of the members from that group has put a hand on his head and started to cuddling him.

I can’t imagine how he felt after first human touch. He was really dirty with full head of bugs. They took him on safe place where they shaved and cleaned him. He has become a different dog, more adorable and healthier. He has started running, eating and enjoying his life with two other dogs, his new buddies. His soul has become “resurrected” and he wasn’t homeless anymore.

Source Video :Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

Everyone can be in similar position, human or animal, don’t matter. But, what really matter is to make a plan in order to prevent increase of homeless creatures. So, next time if we see some creature like Benji, please help him. If you can’t afford him house, you can give him some food or just put your hand on his head in order to give him a belief and trust in people.