Horses have fun in water for the first time

written by: rouladam6
The two horses played around in the water like kids ! This video shows a woman and a kid leading their two beautiful horses to a river. The horses were hesitating at first, but after a while they get used to it and actually they started to enjoying it. The horses started splashing the water for fun with their legs and they looked really cute. The one of the horses, the grey one was braver in the beginning and the woman tried to take into more deep waters. It looked like it was really amused and took pleasure from this first time experience.

The second one continues to splash the water again and again, finding it very entertaining. It was his turn to take a walk into the deeper waters, the woman lead this horse too. The two *horses seem to really enjoy the sensation of water and having the time of their lives.

A lot of *horses-are used in playing inside the water, they thoroughly like to do that. Have you ever wondered why they like to splash water ? In reality, the reasons are much the same as human’s reasons. The *horses splash water to play or because they are curious about this mysterious liquid substance, especially if they are young.

They may try to explore the aquatic world by playing around in the water. One other reason for splashing the water is that they try to cool off. On a hot and dry day, horses love the sensation and temperature of water and they need it to stay safe from the sun’s warmth. If the *horses cannot find a big amount of water they may do this to the water bucket. It is an adorable habit that makes the horses look really awesome. Watch in this entertaining video, how much wonderfully the *horses play !

Video Source : trainingyounghorses