Many people sincerely believe that chips are made of potato. They are just cut into thin slices and fried in a special way. And what’s wrong with fries? We eat fried potato at home, and that’s very tasty. Of course there are some ingredients, which make chips tastier and longer stored, but that’s allowed,right?

Look at this piece of Pringles, yummy potatoes! However, it is actually not a potato…

Third part of Pringles is water

The receipt also includes two thirds of potato flakes

Then this mix of water and potato flakes is sent to the conveyer

The resulting mixture will fall on the tape at the bottom and go under a huge roller for pressing

Under pressure the mixture becomes a potato sheet, which will be cut

Oval templates cut chips from a potato sheet

Ovals chips are sent to a form, where they become concave and are ideal for packing

After shaping chips are fried for 11 second to make them crispy

An employee checks chips and weighs them

And the last phase is packaging

Video Source:Howits Made