How To Know If You Are Ready To Adopt A Dog Getting a dog is welcoming a new family member into your house. Maybe you want to get a dog because they are fun to be with, or maybe your child insists you get one for them. If you personally love dogs, that means you are already willing to go the extra mile.  

If you are ready to make a long-term relationship commitment, then you can consider adopting a dog. Because adopting a dog often comes with responsibilities and challenges before settling home with your new friend. Let’s acknowledge what you should consider before adopting a dog. You must remember that getting a dog is just as much responsibility as it is fun. 

Ask These Questions To Decide If You Are Ready 

Do you have enough time to commit to a dog? 

Dogs at an early age require a lot of special care and attention. While growing up, they are quite energetic and are prone to cause damage or get hurt if left unsupervised. Someone must be with them till they are 1-4 months old. 

Dedicating time and committing to your dog is essential if it’s a puppy or a grown dog. It takes time and effort to housetrain your puppy. If you have an old dog, it takes time for them to adjust to your routine. Make sure that you have the time for a 10-15 minutes daily walk. 

Are you ready to be selfless for your dog? 

Dogs provide unconditional love, but in return, we need to be selfless with them from the moment we adopt them. It is easy to take your dog out for a walk, to give them a bath and his dog food at first. They need constant supervision especially puppies as they are prone to various dog related diseases. If you find any slight change in their behaviour or eating habits you need to see  a vet.  

However, what happens when it becomes part of a routine activity spanning through years? Will you still do all the above necessary chores even when you don’t feel like it?  

It is important to realize that adopting and then nurturing a dog is an uphill task. Often you will have to choose to be selfless for your dog. It can be as simple as canceling your road trip because there is no pet sitter available or going home early on a Saturday night when your friends go for a weekend outing.  

Are you able to afford the financial expense? 

Everything ranging from their collar to their favorite dry dog food , shampoos, and all the mandatory vaccinations and trips to the vet, comes at an expense. Adopting a dog calls for financial independence. When you adopt a dog, ensure that you can take care of all its needs without facing any financial constraints. Your monthly expenses, basic lifestyle needs, and dog supplies should be easily affordable for you! 

What to do when you get a dog? 

Prepare your home 

Adopting a dog is all fun and games, but you need to make your home dog ready. Find items laid out in the open which might hurt your dog and keep them in a safe place, out of the reach of your little puppy. Make deliberate efforts to organize your home before bringing a dog home, pick items that you don’t want to be chewed by your dog. 

Decide where your dog will sleep, who will feed them and who will take them for their daily walk. Create a timetable and allot the responsibilities to willing members of your household because your new dog will also mean an added family member.  

Get supplies 

Let’s start from the basics, begin by getting a leash and a collar for your dog. Second, find a safe place for them to sleep, purchase a comfortable dog bed according to your dog’s size. The next important step is to get a bowl and dog food depending on your dog’s age.  

It is essential to get some toys and treats so your dog can have fun occasionally. Be sure to bring in appropriate grooming products for your dog suitable for its skin because some dogs have quite sensitive skin. Care for your dog as you care for a baby, and you will be just fine.  

Start Training 

Your dog doesn’t need to be of a champion breed for you to train him. Pet Training for dogs simply implies teaching your dog a few good habits. You can give your dog potty training, teach them how to shake hands, and make them understand basic commands to sit, stand and go.  

House training your dog with these basics helps you when you want to take your dog out for a walk, plus your dog won’t trouble you indoors. Check out some obedience training tutorials to better understand how to train your dog. Remember to train your dog yourself rather than by a trainer. Training your dog yourself allows for better bonding between you two. 

Switch your dog food slowly 

Young dogs have quite sensitive tummies. At first, feed the same dog food that your dog has been eating at the breeder’s place or adoption centre. If you adopt a puppy, ask a vet which dog food to feed as per his breed. If your dog was eating wet dog food when they were a puppy, you could slowly start the transition from wet dog food to dry dog food once they have grown enough. 

To avoid digestion issues and keep your pet in good health, choosing the appropriate dog food is crucial. Choose a brand that best suits your dog’s breed and age. 


Our life is simply too hectic at times, to ease the tension in your life and find a loving and compassionate friend, getting a dog sure helps. Getting a dog makes you feel a little better even during low instances in life and make good times more memorable because you will always have someone with you. Before deciding to get a dog, always be mindful that your dog is trusting you with their life. 

If you decide to get a dog, you can simply follow the above steps to make a safe and fun environment for your dog and start a new journey in life with your dog. Adopting a dog will endow you with a friendship for life. Even when you are away, your dog will always miss you and eagerly wait for you by the door to jump on you once you’re back home.