Every dog owner must know one thing that their dog wants the most- attention of their master. Dogs are very social beings and can’t live without interacting with fellow dogs and humans. But Huxley was denied attention by Ursula, his owner when he was flying off to Ibiza. Needy as he was, the dog sought the attention of fellow passengers.

dog sought the attention of fellow passengers

Huxley was in a joyous mood when he boarded the flight but soon he became bored. Ursula Aitchison was not giving her all of her attention which frustrated him.

As a solution to his boredom, the dog sought the attention of fellow passengers. He turned backward, peeping through the gap between 2 seats. He started sticking out his tongue as if teasing the passengers sitting on the back seats.

It was hilarious for the passengers to see Huxley act like that. They soon began enjoying his playful acts. It was a kind of entertainment for the passengers on an otherwise boring journey.

dog sought the attention of fellow passengers

Huxley remained in the same seat for about half an hour. The man next to his seat was very pleased with Huxley as his neighbor!

One person started clicking selfies with the dog. Another man asked for Ursula’s permission to click Huxley’s pictures. He wanted to send them to his daughter.

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This is how famous and loved Huxley became in such a short time. He is goofball making everyone around him happy. One such dog on every flight will make everyone’s journey better!

But if you too don’t give your dog enough attention, you should start doing so. For just like this dog sought the attention of fellow passengers, yours may also start liking someone else! And we are sure you wouldn’t like that, now would you? Give them all your love. They deserve every bit of it!