Sometimes unfortunate incidents happen which make us realize how dangerous a seemingly harmless act can be. It stuns us how fragile life is and how it can end anytime. In Venice, Los Angeles a shocking incident occurred when a FedEx package killed a dog.

Cooper- a Yorkshire terrier was out in the backyard soaking sun when a delivery vehicle came to the house. A large box was to be delivered at the house which the driver decided to throw in. Unfortunately, when the FedEx delivery man tossed the package Cooper was at the spot.

FedEx package killed the dogImage: whnt

Being thrown so suddenly and having such a massive weight, the FedEx package killed the dog. When her owners came home they found her in a dying condition. Keiko Napier and Mitchell Galin were dumbstruck to see their beloved pet dying like this.

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It was an act of gross negligence on the part of the FedEx driver to threw the huge package so carelessly. Being the backyard, even humans could’ve been present there and would’ve been seriously injured because of the package. It so happened that the one lying there was Cooper and the FedEx package killed the dog brutally.

Later, when the owners took their pet to the vet, they discovered that nothing could be done to save her. Her liver and lungs were gravely impacted and so they had put her to death.

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The company, after getting to know about this incident, extended their sympathies to the family. They have said that they’ll take action as soon as the investigation is over. But such a response couldn’t satisfy Napier and Mitchell. They want a proper mandate which will prevent the corporate workers from throwing packages inside people’s houses.

It was a horrible accident that could’ve been prevented if only the driver took a little care. The FedEx package killed the dog and this incident is a shock to everyone. We extend our condolences to the grieving family.