Sajad Gharibi better known as the Iranian Hulk has officially made the announcement that he’ll debut in MMA in a fight against an unknown Brazilian Hulk opponent. This news has created a lot of excitement and fuss among MMA fans due to his sheer size and appearance. He is 6’2″ and weighs a massive 385 pounds, and can lift over 400 pounds! His upper body is extremely huge compared to his legs which led to the Internet dubbing him the ‘Iranian Hulk’ which is a play of the character hulk from the Incredible Hulk movie series. He broke the news on his official Instagram page and fans could not hide their joy as they rushed to post congratulatory messages

Iranian Hulk
Iranian bodybuilder Sajad Gharibi, 27, who weighs 390 pounds and stands 6 ft 2 inches tall – will make his MMA debut his year

Fans are however hoping this will not be another false debut as the first one that he was initially booked to fight Martyn Ford never happened. He is not the only person from the powerlifting world to transition into mixed martial arts as others before him, have tried their hand. An example is Man Mariusz Pudzianowski, a five-time World strongest man champion who has seen considerable success since joining the sport in 2009. Other MMA fighters have also reacted to the announcement, the most notable comment being from UFC’s Brian Ortega who told TMZ that ‘he’ll beat him up’ although he acknowledged it would be a struggle in the beginning, but Sajad would eventually gas out and then he’ll take him out.

Iranian Hulk
The bodybuilder announced on Instagram that he has accepted a challenge from an opponent from Brazil and the two will battle it out before the end of the year

No official announcement has been made regarding the identity of the Brazilian opponent he’ll face although many speculate that it’ll be his namesake, the Brazilian Hulk. Real name Romario Dos Santos, he has challenged Sajad by claiming that he’ll ‘tear his head off.’ Dos Santos, 29 is about half foot shorter than Sajid and weighs 100 pounds less which is a considerable difference in terms of weight classes

Iranian Hulk
Romario Dos Santos Alves, the Brazilian Hulk, said on Instagram last month that he would ‘tear off’ Gharibi’s head

There are also rumours circulating that there is a possibility he could join WWE sometime in the future and from his posts on social media, it’s possible he’s given us the hint. “If there’s any collaboration between me and Triple H, I’ll let you know afterwards and hopefully I’ll have made my decision by the end of autumn” He posted on Instagram. The WWE company has previously signed abnormally huge athletes like The Great Khali, The Big Show and Braun Strowman just to name a few. Therefore signing Sajjad Gharibi would not be a surprise to fans.

Video Source : Barcroft TV

Aside from powerlifting and combat sports, the twenty seven year old has more noble ambitions for his life. He plans to join the Iranian army and help in the efforts to fight the terror group ISIS. Exactly when and why he didn’t disclose but we’re hoping to get more information in the near future. He has also made the plight for young Iranian sportsmen who neither receive support from the Iranian authorities nor the sports organizations and therefore can’t take advantage of opportunities like he can stating that he himself has had to rely on family, close friends and sponsors. He is currently looking for a sponsor.