For those who do not believe in love at first sight, this story will surely convert you. Jayne was going through online pictures of dogs up for adoptions when her eyes fell on a giant disheveled purebred St. Bernard. The pictures were from a shelter nearly 1,400 miles away and the one that captivated the family was that of Cosco, a 130-pound gentle giant.

130-pound gentle giant poster

That picture that they came across had an entreaty embedded in it. The St. Bernard seemed to look right into their hearts, imploring them to take him home. The purebred gentle giant ended up in Hearts United for Animals, an animal shelter after he was abandoned by the breeder. The 130-pound gentle giant captivated them and they loved him. He seemed unused to living indoors.

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130-pound gentle giant adopted

family that adopted 130-pound gentle giant

Jayne and her family already owned two dogs. The family leads an active outdoor life. They were confident that they could accommodate the St. Bernard and give him the huge space that he so loved. Though the idea seemed a bit crazy, Jayne decided to return by road with this massive new family member. But if the couple had any misgivings, it was immediately gone the moment they met the 130-pound gentle giant.

130-pound gentle giant happy

130-pound gentle giant getting love

They knew that their love was not misplaced when Jayne first crouched and allowed Cosco to sniff her. The dog had never lived indoors or traveled in a car. All Cosco cared about was that he had found a family that loved him, and he enthusiastically went along.

130-pound gentle giant resting

Once they got back home, the St. Bernard immediately settled in with his new family. The only difficulty is that this 130-pound gentle giant has no idea about his size and tries to fit in everywhere, even squeezing into places where the rabbits usually stay. Watching him sprawled out in a place that he can finally call home is an endearing sight.

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The 130-pound gentle giant has finally found his dream home thanks to the people at the shelter and this amiable family. It proves that our instincts never betray us. The video will convince you that the journey that Jayne made was worth every mile of the long drive.

Credit: YouTube/The Dodo