On 9th October Ralph – a Boston terrier got stolen by some thieves while he was returning with his dad from Bredbury, Stockport. Young Cameron was heartbroken on finding out that his dear pet has been snatched away from him. Though his parents filed a complaint with the police, the 7-year-old could not sit ideal while his friend was missing. So he decided to hand draw a wanted poster of his dog.

Everyone please help Ralph has been taken out of Craig’s van in Bredbury please share and help me get him back

Posted by Stacey Donaldson on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The hashtag #BringRalphHome was created by the twitter folks to assist the family’s search of their doggo. Many days after distributing the posters and going through the CCTV footage, finally, Ralph was spotted in Salford in horrible condition. He was starving as he probably hadn’t eaten anything since he went missing. This was a very emotional moment for the family, to see their once healthy dog in such a miserable condition.

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wanted poster

Cameron was so ecstatic about seeing Ralph that he almost jumped out of the car! It was partly due to his decision to hand draw a wanted poster after all, that the poor pet could be found.  Ralph too was too excited and happy on hearing the voices of his family members. The poor doggo had tried getting out of his place of confinement since signs of struggle were visible on his paws.

wanted poster

Just think of the relief they would’ve experienced when they met their pet again! It melts one’s heart to see how much love a human can share with an animal. Losing your pet is one of the worst things that can ever happen to you. This is what makes us delighted in witnessing the reunion of this family.

wanted poster

Ralph is still in trauma and acts differently sometimes. He is recovering and we are sure that with the amount of love his family showers on him, he is going to improve very fast.

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#bringralphhome Stolen black and white Boston terrier called Ralph he is 4 years old neutered and microchipped. Please follow our group RALPH STOLEN BOSTON TERRIER SK6 Contact 07984141871 xxx

Posted by Stacey Donaldson on Friday, October 11, 2019

Cameron going the extra mile to find his friend and to hand draw a wanted poster out of love for Ralph is perhaps the best thing you’ll read today!

Image Credits: Stacey Donaldson/Facebook and Manchester Evening News