This kid understands how senior dogs in shelters feel when they wait for someone to adopt them. The longer the children wait for adoption, the harder it is to happen, just like senior dogs. So, older kids and senior dogs have a similar problem, most people want to adopt puppies and babies. However, every kid and dog deserves to have a warm loving home.

kid adopts a senior dog
Photo: Facebook/Maria Henry Gay

So, when Maria Henry Gay and her husband adopted Robbie, they decided to adopt senior dogs only. Senior dogs don’t have a lot of time left, but they will live the rest of their lives with a loving family in a warm house. The family also calls the senior dogs “old people” and they named one of the Buffy.

Unfortunately, when the family took Buffy to the vet for the routine tooth cleaning, they discovered with the blood test that he has an advanced stage of kidney failure. So, the family believed that “that the kindest and most loving thing to do would be to let her go before she lost her will to live and stopped eating and drinking.”

Maria decided to make Robbie the decision-maker. So, after coming back from school, they told him about what happened to Buffy. He made the strong decision to be there to hold Buffy while she was put to sleep.

The adopted kid crying, as Buffy passed away in his lap.

the kid and his senior dog passed away
Photo: Facebook/Maria Henry Gay

Maria was proud of her son’s kindness. She said, “On the way home I told him how proud I was of him for understanding the importance of caring for old animals and helping to make sure they never ever suffer.”

Then, they said, “I know how it feels not to be loved or cared for and I don’t want any animal of mine to ever feel that way. It’s only sad for us when they go to heaven. It’s a happy day for them. Thank you for being proud of me. Are you ok, Mom?”

However, the family was mourning for the loss of their pet. So, Robbie reminded them that the way you’re loving your pet is way important than how much you stayed together. This is a very wise sentence that can be told by a child.

Also, Robbie told his mom, “well you’ve only known me for two years but you love me like it’s been forever.”

This family is going to continue to adopt senior dogs and give them a wonderful home that they deserve.

This family decided to keep adopting senior dogs. They want to give them the home and love they deserve.