Freedom is dear to one and all, whether it be human or animal. This was proved when a stray dog freed a pet dog, who was tied to a pole. Dmitriy Timchenko and his friend from Novorossiysk, Russia witnessed this event. It is a selfless action on part of one dog to free a fellow dog, who he thought was imprisoned.

two dogs on street

A pet Pitbull was sitting in front of a store while his owner was inside shopping. The owner had tied the pet so that he doesn’t go away. A stray dog who was passing by saw him and thought he was trapped. He thought of the pet dog as if he was a stray one like himself and tried helping him.

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He went ahead and started to loosen up the knot around Pitbull’s neck. Soon he was able to open the knot and free the pet dog. Timchenko was surprised to witness this extraordinary act of kindness. A stray dog freed a pet dog purely out of mercy and feeling of brotherhood.

The pair then started walking together, going away from the place where the Pitbull was tied. Seeing this Timchenko went into the store and called the owner and told her about the dog’s adventure. The owner came out fast and took her dog back. Thanks to Timchenko and his friend, the owner was able to get her dog back.

a stray dog freed a pet dog

The stray’s birth and pedigree are unknown but he seems to be healthy. But the kindness he carries is praiseworthy.

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Despite being in a miserable condition, the fact that a stray dog freed a pet dog is a supreme act of selfless love. Such a loving and caring dog deserves a home of his own where he will be loved. A love well-deserved. Perhaps, someday, he too will get a lovely forever home.

Credit: Instagram / Dmitriy Timchenko