Meet Hulk, the lime green puppy. Gypsy, white German Shepherd gave birth to some puppies one of them is Hulk. Hulk’s family, from North Carolina, was really shocked when they see him. The puppy was lime green from head to toe.

Lime Green Puppy

“I started freaking out,” Stamey stated. “But everybody was healthy.”

Stamey named the puppy “Hulk,” also, it’s hard to say the puppy has ever behaved angrily.

Suzanne Cianciulli, manager of Junaluska Animal Hospital in Waynesville stated that Hulk’s fur was stained green from the liquid in Gypsy’s womb. After a few weeks, the color should completely vanish.

Lime Green Puppy

“The sack that they’re in when they’re in their mom, there can be meconium in there and that tends to stain them,” Cianciulli said.

Stamey said: “He was very lime green at birth, and now he looks bright yellow with a hint of the green”. Hulk’s green coloring should vanish after a few weeks.

Stamey noticed that Hulk’s fur was a little less obvious after about 6 days. Then, he had also gained over 8 ounces, which explains that he has no illness or poor health.

Stamey claimed she has received requests from people in North Carolina and other areas. They all want to take Hulk home.

Lime Green Puppy

“Actually, I am amazed at how many are wanting to own Hulk,” Stamey told the Citizen Times. “I really never intended to have such a following on him. Just thought he was special and unique.”

The lime green color came from the meconium released into the womb. Stamey stated that she will keep Hulk until he is weaned, which means not until he’s about 8 weeks old.

“If I can not find each a home, then we will just add to our family,” Stamey said. “I love them all so much.”

Lime Green Puppy

Several people already wanted to adopt Hulk. He is not the first puppy born with this case. A Golden Retriever from Scotland once gave birth to one green puppy out of a litter of many puppies. The pup’s mother named the puppy “Forest.”

See more about Hulk in the video below.

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