We have all come across the cat playing the piano videos on Youtube. They were a hit and could be one of the best ways that Youtube started gaining such fame. But what about other animals? Are they not eligible to play any musical instrument?

piano-playing dog

This piano-playing dog breaks all the stereotypes. It was quite by accident that the owner of this dog recorded him playing the piano. He goes by the name Buddy Mercury (yes, it is taken from the name of the Queen’s lead, Freddie Mercury). The piano-playing dog is self-taught and surprisingly, it is a rescue dog. The owners met him at an adoption event and they clicked instantly. He loves to mix with people and other animals. But above everything, he loves music. Buddie Mercury plays the piano every time and loves and even has a website where people can buy his music and merchandise.

piano-playing dog

One day, his owner suddenly saw that his daughter was dancing to a tune that Buddy was playing. Yep – that was the golden shot. He took the video and it went viral soon enough.

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Music fans all around the world are in awe of the piano-playing dog and his performance. Well, he has also become a kind of a hero symbol for dogs who are struggling with getting adopted. The piano-playing dog has made more and more people realize that there could be talent present even in the places where dogs waiting for adoption are present. They are just waiting for a chance to show their talent. Are you willing to take it on?

piano-playing dog piano-playing dog piano-playing dog piano-playing dog piano-playing dog piano-playing dog piano-playing dog piano-playing dog

Buddy Mercury has the dream of meeting with Jimmy Fallon someday. Maybe they could have a duet. And of course, he wouldn’t mind an invitation to the Ellen show.

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piano-playing dog

As of now, Buddy Mercury has taken over all our hearts, for sure.

Credits: buddymercury.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter