Echo is deaf Great Dane. had she not been saved as a puppy, she might wouldn’t have grown up – her owners at the time were careless. They were careless to the point that they were taking steps to put Echo down by virtue of her being “futile,” in light of the fact that she was unable to hear.

The mercilessness of certain people is bewildering. Be that as it may, fortunately, the Louisiana Great Dane Rescue was there to protect her. Marion Dwyer was the person who safeguarded Echo, and she was horrified by the degree of Echo’s abuse. Right off the bat, Echo has been spayed young. However, it was found that she had a stomach loaded with rocks! The poor puppy had been starving!

It was Marion’s affection and devotion that helped Echo endure and grow up solid. She remained with Marion and developed to flourish with her new family.

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At the point when Marion got pregnant, Echo promptly turned out to be defensive of her proprietor. It was just as Echo realized that a child would join their family.

Also, her affection for Marion quickly stretched out to Jennie when she was conceived. The association between Echo and Jennie was momentary.

Moreover, it has not blurred, truth be told, it’s become more grounded as Jennie has grown up. Presently, the young lady and the Great Dane do completely everything together as besties.

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One of their preferred exercises is taking a walk together – Jennie continually holding Echo’s rope.

So, these besties certainly have a lot of fun when they’re out for their walk.

Check out the lovely deaf Great Dane and his bestie in the video below: