That service dogs are of great help is known and accepted by all. Ruby is a service dog who was brought home by Shauna Darcy. Ruby was to help her with depression, anxiety issues, and agoraphobia. But she later proved to be much more. The loyal service dog saved the owner’s life and refused to leave her even in the hospital.

During her training, Ruby started getting a knack of Darcy’s heart rate. She acted differently whenever she sensed any change. This made the owner go to the doctor and get a checkup. The diagnosis revealed her heart condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Ruby’s behavior helped in discovering Darcy’s disease.

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Ruby the service dog

The dog helped Darcy keep calm during anxiety attacks. She also fetched groceries and grabbed things from place unreachable to Darcy. She can also gives her pressure therapy.

One day Ruby started alerting her owner when everything was seemingly fine. Darcy decided to call an ambulance, trusting her service dog. When the ambulance arrived Darcy was almost unconscious due to her heart condition.

The loyal service dog saved the owner’s life and in the hospital, always stayed by her side. People came in to say hi to Ruby and Darcy but even then the loyal dog didn’t go far from Darcy.

service dog saved the owner’s life

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Darcy is eternally gratefully to her companion dog for everything she has done for her.

Such a caring and understanding dog is a blessing to have. The loyal service dog saved the owner’s life and showed her love consistently.


Images:  Instagram / Shauna Darcy