Lucky has always been a close pal of his stuffed toy bear. It has been with him for 6 years, which you could say is almost a lifetime for a dog. The bear has naturally changed from its original condition but still remained Lucky’s favorite toy and he adored it as much as he did when he received it six years back.

The bear has lost most of its stuffing but Lucky insists on taking it everywhere. Michaella Wallace, his owner said that he protects the toy like it was his baby and plays with it all the time.

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But then tragedy almost struck. Lucky had been out on one of his rounds outside. As always his cuddly bear was with him. There was a storm approaching and Lucky lost his toy somewhere in the bushes. The toy was buried in the falling snow. Lucky was naturally heartbroken at the news about his favorite toy.

Lucky’s favorite toy

Lucky’s hooman dad found the dog in the melting snow the next day. But the bear was in a bad condition. He had to save the bear. He knew that it meant a lot to Lucky. Lucky continued to be downcast upon seeing the condition of his friend.

Lucky’s father began his emergency operation. He realized that there still was hope for the bear. He also continuously kept Wallace posted on the progress in the emergency operation room that dad had set up for this operation. There was even an IV drip, fake of course, to help Lucky’s favorite toy recover after the operation.

Lucky’s favorite toy

Laci, Lucky’s sister, came to visit and stand by Lucky in his difficult times.

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Wallace finally broke the good news that the bear had recovered and was in the care of its best friend, Lucky. Wallace’s father loves to give a touch of the extraordinary to such situations. Wallace was amused. Lucky joined in the fun and was naturally the most pleased. Dad adores the dogs, and they, in turn, love dad. Wallace revealed that the dogs mean a lot to all members of the family and are extremely adorable and well behaved. Lucky is back to his old joyous self as he has been reunited with his favorite toy. He will not make the mistake of taking it outdoor again.

Images: Michaella Wallace