Dogs are the source of loyalty, love, compassion, care, and protection in your house. All animal lovers know that, and they know that it’s such a blessing to have at their homes.

Best Friends

However, dogs are not just loyal to their owners, they are also extremely loyal to their dog friends! This story is about two dogs in a shelter.

Taco, an 8-year-old chihuahua, and Merrill, 3-year-old Pit Bull are best friends who established their bond while living together in the shelter. They are the loyalist best friends in there.

So, if someone decided to adopt one of them, he refuses to leave his best friend. One day, a person wanted to adopt Merrill, she refused to leave Taco whatsoever!

So, the kindhearted man decided to adopt them both! How cute! Watch this video below to know the full story!