Did you ask yourself what would your dog do if you got buried in the snow? “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they go.” That’s how actor Will Rogers described his relationship with these animals. Dogs are not just our companions, they are also our guardians. An NGO called “Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England” dedicated to training dogs to rescue people in the wild. They filmed a video that proves this fact. They don’t just rescue, they also make us smile.

Getting lost in devious natural zones is risky and fearful, but there are volunteer organizations that support those in need

With some other skills, they train rescue dogs to find those people who are buried in snow

During a training session, they decided to burry a volunteer with a camera in the snow

It didn’t take long for a nose to appear in the snow

Struggling, the dog broke the wall of snow with his body

To assure if a really serious situation happens

He will be able to support and help in a very short time

Flo is the name of this 4-year-old rescue dog. And he also skilled in melting people’ s hearts