You might have seen the photograph quite a while back. There’s a man with long, turning gray hair swimming with his elderly dog resting in his arms and with his head on the man’s chest.

elderly dog floating with his friend

The story behind that photo of the floating elderly dog

John Unger embraced Schoep as a puppy. after 19 years, the elderly dog was experiencing joint inflammation and hip dysplasia. Unger understood that easing the heat off of Schoep’s joints by skimming with him was the most ideal way he knew to furnish his darling with help with discomfort.

elderly dog

A friend of Unger’s took a picture of both of them, and it immediately advanced far and wide.

When that photograph got viral, their story made the news. Gifts began pouring in from around the globe. That permitted Unger to seek after different techniques for torment the executives. It allowed him one more year with his adored Schoep.

Despite the fact that Schoep is gone now, the adoration behind that photograph can be looked at around the world.

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