Nathan Stranger is a 20-year-old Australian who hardheartedly killed 21 Kangaroos. So, now general society is insulted by how he pulled off it.

man killed 21 kangaroos

The horrible incident happened on the New South Wales South Coast. There, the citizens of the city woke up to the shocking scene of their dear kangaroos slaughtered.

man killed 21 kangaroos

Moreover, the group was past shocked by the brutal and contemptuous act. As a result, they knew that a stranger murdered the kangaroos with his truck. Also, two other men who were travelers did literally nothing when he did it.

man killed 21 kangaroos

However, Sanger conceded to one check of tormenting, beating and executing a creature. The traveler, Ashley Sorenson, argued not blameworthy.

So, Magistrate Douglas Dick said,

“Each time you lined up a kangaroo, it was an act of cruelty. With no regard to the pain the animal would suffer.”

Therefore, Sanger was condemned to a two-year escalated revision request for killing the kangaroos, which expects him to submit to having his fingerprints taken, be on acceptable conduct and perform 500 hours of service.

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