There’s no doubt that dog’s barking can be annoying, particularly when you’re trying to rest. In any case, one Georgia man chose to shoot his neighbor’s dog after the animal set out to take part in this common canine conduct. “Maybe that will shut him up now,” the man claimed after the shooting the German Shephard twice through the fence, and afterward heading out.

Gladly, cops figured out how to find the shooter, who left 9mm shell housings on either side of the dog’s fenced-in yard. In the meantime, an unknown tip guided agents toward a man living a few houses away. When officials showed up, they saw a white pickup truck, like one spotted at the scene, left outside.

The truck’s 41-year-old owner admitted that he killed a dog for barking, Lazer.

However, he excused his actions by saying that he had already complained many times to the pup’s 73-year-old owner. Even so, the dog kept on barking. The noise, he said was “starting to mess with his head.”

Luckily, officials weren’t influenced by this present man’s endeavors to legitimize his utilization of deadly power against a blameless creature. The 41-year-old shooter, Allen Glover, was captured on a lawful offense tally of animal cruelty. Criminal intruding, and wild direct, and quickly set up for prison before being discharged on an $11,000 bond.

Fantastically, Lazer lived this attempt on his life. In spite of the fact that specialists couldn’t expel the shot pieces from the pooch’s chest and stomach pit. All things considered, the risk is a long way from being done.

“Lazer is home and doing ok after being a 2 different hospitals and having surgery,” a lady composed on a GoFundMe page started to fund-raise for the canine’s emergency clinic charges, which will surely be costly. “He still has a long way to go and possibly more surgery,” she wrote.