Pregnant ladies like to have a maternity photoshoot to document their pregnancy stages. As it’s amazing to have a big belly! Also, taking photos is fun though. Dog owner of this lucky pregnant doggo, won’t leave their pregnant dog out of maternity photoshoot fun!

maternity photoshoot 

Ana Paula Grillo is a Brazilian photographer that usually takes photos for her family. However, her friend asked her to take some photos of her pregnant dog Lilica.

However, the maternity photoshoot was just in time! because just one day after, Lilica gave birth.

She gave birth to 5 gorgeous dog babies that lived with her in the house and they are now family members.

Moreover, Grillo is not just a photographer, she also spends her free time in animal shelters and local rescue. She loves volunteering and photography. So, we think she’s gonna do more maternity shoots for more dogs later! You can see all the pictures of the photoshoot on Grillo’s Facebook. You’ll never regret this, she’s amazing and poses just like humans!

We will leave you for the cutest photo session you’ll ever see!

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity PhotoshootMaternity PhotoshootMaternity Photoshoot

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