Meatball AKA Meaty, the Pitbull mix dog who was living at the shelter only 2 years ago. He was just one of the huge numbers of dogs livings in shelters. Meatball didn’t know an amazing woman called Lisa saw him on the internet, and he reminded her of her dog that sadly passed away 3 months ago.

So, Lisa went to meet Meaty at the shelter, she found him laying on the ground in very hot weather with other shelter dogs. They said that Meatball was a needy pup at the beginning. But then, we discovered that Meaty is amazing, sociable and also loves the camera! Meaty would pose to the camera and smile.

When Meatball is finally home, he joined 2 other rescued Pitbulls and 2 Dachshunds. However, Meatball adapted with the home so easily. He laid on the sofa with his doggo friends. Also, he sometimes joins his dad who works at the police station. Taking Meaty was a perfect decision for the whole family!

Now, Meatball is so happy with his new family, he’s also so popular on Instagram with 30K followers! Life is definitely so much better after he left the shelter.