There is no age for heroes. There are many heroes who may not have even reached their adulthood. These are heroes who show a lot more potential than many adults do. Meet Pavel Abramov, a 9-year-old Russian boy, who is trying to mix up art with social service. How is he doing it? He is trying to use his art to raise funds for shelter dogs. The young boy is from Arzamas, a small city in Nizhny Novgorod. He is often painting wonderful pictures of pets. Of course, his paintings are magnificent. They are so good that there are many who buy the paintings from him.

shelter dogs

However, he is not someone who wants to get toys or the latest iPhone with the money. Rather, he uses this money to buy food supplies and other such necessities for animal shelters. His mother Ekaterina Bolshakova and Pavel started the project ‘Kind Paintbrush’. When the kid lost his own furry buddy, he could no longer keep shelter dogs or other wandering animals left behind. He wanted to help them somehow. He always remembers his late pet whenever he is engaged in painting.

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But help was not always easy. So at first the mother-son duo struggled to get funds. Then they tied up with a social media site, VK, who wanted to see their talent. And once they saw Pavel’s amazing talent, they knew he was going to be big.

But being big was never the intention. Pavel paints the pictures of pets of other people who want the picture of their pets to be painted. In exchange of this hard work, Pavel asks for food or supplies for other pets. Many pet lovers have come to Pavel from all over the world to get a drawing of their pets. Pavel makes it a point to talk with the owners and learn a lot more about their lives and their pet’s life. Overall, it’s a great experience.

Pavel is the youngest person to volunteer for an animal shelter near his home. He enjoys painting and his family loves his work. In the end, he would love to get shelter dogs to get an homely environment.

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shelter dogs shelter dogs

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